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Why FUTURUM exactly?

Preparation for IT and a world language

What are our goals?

We are a school that takes pride in its unique approach to students. They are led to the system of higher education, to a natural curiosity for knowledge and the need for lifelong learning. Proof lies in our graduates, most of whom study at foreign universities. A great plus in education is the good relations between teachers and students, which have evolved into an “interactive” form, whether in education or upbringing.

Our goal is to be a modern school of this century and to enable students to grow not only in regard to knowledge, but also in experience and humanity. We guide them to develop necessary skills such as communication, presentation, conflict resolution and stress management. We also include issues of a healthy lifestyle and helping others. Thanks to all of this, students become more self-confident, goal-oriented, independent and proactive.

PaedDr. Lenka Takáčová

School manager

SG Futurum, in cooperation with Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing, provides admissions tests to the best universities in the United Kingdom.

Exams are specified based on subjects – medicine, philosophy, political science, economics, law, mathematics and others.

Additional collaboration

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CANCOM Slovakia s.r.o.

Protifašistických bojovníkov 11, Košice

The company CANCOM Slovakia is the professional guarantor of our IT department, where students gain experience and insight in a global IT company while still at grammar school.


Štátna jazyková škola

Hlavná 113, Košice

Students in their graduation year have the opportunity, upon meeting the criteria, to obtain a certificate of the state professional language exam in social sciences, natural sciences or economics.

FMMR TU in Košice

Boženy Němcovej 32, Košice

Thanks to this cooperation, students have the opportunity to use the faculty’s professional laboratories during their education.

Where can we meet?

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SG Futurum provides individual days of open teaching and individual presentations for primary schools

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