Benefits of the school

IT and English language at a world level

  • Development of IT skills
  • Continuous education at university
  • Practical IT and language teaching
  • Overview in the world of data and information
  • Improving communication skills
  • Foreign lecturers and students
  • International educational programmes
  • Foreign trips
  • Other languages
  • English courses
  • Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing

Progressive teaching system at the school

  • Individual teaching approach
  • Respectful and friendly atmosphere
  • Interesting subjects and seminars
  • Communication with the teacher also via social networks
  • Open communication between the school and parents
  • Possibility of individual study
  • Development of the student’s personality
  • Encouraging a creative approach
  • Development of critical and logical thinking
  • Final Akaduturum Academy

A better start to university abroad

  • School-leaving exams C1
  • State language exam certificate
  • C1 level certificate in English from grammar school graduation subjects
  • Cambridge testing
  • Department of Education development programme
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Ensuring continuous education also at universities
  • Development of personality, self-reflection and soft skills for further education
  • Expanded teaching of foreign languages using a practical method

How do we teach?

London, GB

Simon David Edmonds, BA

We teach and communicate through practical English. We in this way prepare students for further studies at foreign schools. What’s more, we promote a university teaching system that is close to the forms of study at world universities.

London, GB

David T. Maxwell

The smaller number of students in the classes enables our individual approach and the growth of a friendly atmosphere. Foreign students, international programmes or foreign trips strengthen the collective and allow further enrichment of practical English.

New York, USA

Paul Nyitray, DVM

We develop in students the experiences that they’ll use in practical life. For example, they learn to give presentation in front of an audience, to communicate properly, to think assertively, to manage stress and to resolve conflicts.

Admission procedure

Test preparation

The school is preparing several activities to become familiar with the school and prepare for the admission procedure.

The Open House Day offers the chance to meet for the first time and get to know the school, its values, the way it works, and teachers and students who will be happy to answer your questions. The prepared programme will lead you in an interesting and interactive way through the school and its philosophy and some fun tasks that will introduce you to the school’s educational programme.

The Open House Day swill take place on 2 February 2023 at 5:00 p.m. in the school premises at Moyzesová 5.

Open House for Teaching Days Days offer the opportunity to try out how to study at a bilingual high school. Select one or more lessons and become a student at our school for a while. This way you will come to know the teaching method and our teachers, who will be happy to answer your questions.

Preparatory courses for bilingual and IT entrance exams

These courses are for preparing for bilingual or IT entrance exams for any school and include preparation from exam subjects at admissions. There are a total of 24 hours of courses.

We accept applications for preparatory courses for entrance exams until 27 January 2023.

Preparatory workshops

They take place 3 weeks before the entrance exams. Each one is led by a different foreign lecturer and has a different focus (grammar, conversation, writing, the organisational part – relieves future students of stress and exam fear).

Entrance exams

Those interested in studying at the FUTURUM Private Grammar School in the 2023/2024 school year can apply for IT or bilingual studies. The application needs to be submitted electronically or to the educational advisor of the primary school. The application must be submitted by 20 March 2023.

Application procedure

More information about entrance exams:

Preliminary registration for bilingual studies

Fill out the registration form for bilingual or IT studies. We will then contact you with information about submitting an application. The application needs to be submitted at your primary school.

Preliminary application for IT studies
Find out more about FUTURUM

You’ll learn more about the functioning of your future school at the Open House Day for students and parents already on 2 February 2023, where you’ll find out all the information you need about FUTURUM.

Test yourself ONLINE

A part of the entrance exams is a grammar test. Put your knowledge to the test in an online sample test just like those of the entrance exams.

IT curriculum and bilingual studies

What subjects await you and in which grade? What kind of courses can you look forward to? Which subjects will interest you the most? You’ll find the whole updated curriculum for the 5-year bilingual study as well as our new IT programme here:

Our students

Why did we choose this school?

The FUTURUM private grammar school broadened my horizons and allowed me to meet many like-minded, ambitious young people. The fact that we speak English at an academic level and have knowledge of professional issues in English, too, clearly increases our chances of getting into foreign universities.

Marián Vinicay, graduate

Marián Vinicay, graduate

The Futurum Grammar School gave me a lot already in the first year. Friends, experiences, skills. I’m very grateful for all of it. And especially for the fact that I have the opportunity to continue to improve my English. I’m giving back to the school by participating in various school activities, but also by working in a magazine, which fulfils me immensely.

Veronica Lacová (II.KA)

Veronica Lacová (II.KA)

I always tell myself: “Do what interests you the most and fulfil your dreams!” The Futurum Grammar School supported and enriched me in many ways. I consider the improvement of my English level, help from foreign teachers and, of course, getting to know wonderful people who are always happy to help among the biggest benefits.

Daniela Baganich (V. K)

School director

School deputy

Our teachers

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